Do you glow at night? I do – thanks to Every Evening Cream by Goodness

I meandered home quite early yesterday after work, got into my comfy pants and brushed all my hair back into a slick bun. I’m guilty of being one of those people that fall asleep with their make up on. It not only ruins your Ice White 100% Egyptian Cotton pillow cases but it ruins your 100% beautiful skin too. Leaving you feeling not so flawless in the morning when you end up sleeping in and piling more make up onto yesterdays.

But for whatever reason yesterday was different. After completing my super slick bun, I wiped all the make up off and washed my hands with my chocolate soap ready to apply this new product I got early that day. Every Evening Cream by Goodness. After I applied this little gem to my face, it was glowing. Actually glowing. I was radiating sunshine and rainbows and bubbles. I was – as Beyoncé so elegantly said – flawless.

At just $23.99 it’s a steal. I mean come on, your skin is worth way-way-WAY more than $23.99. Including glorious natural ingredients such as Honeysuckle Extract, Avocado and Coconut Oil as well as Organic Chia Seed Oil – put them together and what do you get?! An amazing ratio of perfection that you need to high five straight onto your face right now.

Also it came with a bucket load of condoms and it was hilarious. Then I put it in my old lollies jar. Endless laughter.Condoms and Goodness Cream