Ecostore’s New Aluminium Refillable Bottle

Being more eco-friendly has just gotten easier with Ecostore!

Ecostore is ‘walking the talk’ by providing a circular solution and introducing its first-ever refillable aluminium bottles for hand and dish wash products to reduce Aotearoa’s single-use plastic waste pollution and emissions.

The new ecostore Refill Bottle is 100 percent aluminium, is designed to be kept for reusing and refilling again and again, and is also a great solution for reducing landfill waste due to its infinite recyclability. Kiwi households can reduce, reuse, and recycle thanks to the new sustainable packaging.

Ecostore has teamed up with five other environmental and sustainability-conscious companies to show they are ‘walking the talk’ following the Climate Change Commission’s recently released draft plan. In the plan, it said Aotearoa needs to fundamentally change the way it deals with and thinks about waste. Ecostore believes the launch of new aluminium bottles available for refill is one way the sector can help, not only reduce emissions but make it easier and more accessible for the average Kiwi to turn our current throwaway culture into one that values its resources.

Ecostore, along with Kōkako, Again Again, Chia Sisters, Lewis Road Creamery and Batchwell Kombucha have joined forces for a dedicated first-ever refill event on March 19th at Britomart Place between 11 am – 2:30 pm to reduce plastic waste by educating others about the circular economy through reuse and refilling. The companies will be providing special offers to those who bring their reusable containers to refill at the event.

“The launch of our new aluminium bottles is another essential step for us in reducing and reusing waste and keeping waste out of the environment. We are thrilled to partner with these five forward-thinking local companies for our first-ever refill event as it gives us a chance to collectively educate and encourage new behaviours around reducing, reusing, and refilling,” expressed Pablo Kraus, Group CEO of Ecostore.

“Waste is a very large problem for New Zealand that can’t be fixed with just one solution, so we have many different options for our customers to reduce, reuse, and recycle – and that order matters. Recycling is plan C, the one people should only turn to as the last option. Using our aluminium refill bottle at one of our refill stations will save up to 40 dish wash or 60 hand-wash plastic bottles from entering Aotearoa’s waste system – that’s a huge win in our eyes.”

Ecostore also shifted from fossil-based plastic to plastic made from a sustainable resource – sugarcane and incorporated post-consumer recycled (PCR) plastic into our products. The brand has also provided refill stations to enable people to reuse bottles and introduced a closed-loop packaging return programme to take responsibility for our products at end-of-life. Now, they have launched reusable bottles made from aluminium to reduce plastic pollution and waste emissions.

The average New Zealand household uses 941 plastic containers or bottles a year. This amounts to a staggering 1.76 billion pieces disposed of every year. Right now, 39 percent of recyclable plastic in New Zealand goes directly to landfill and much of the 61 percent that goes into the recycling system is sorted in New Zealand and sent overseas.

Ecostore’s aluminium bottles are also designed to look beautiful in the kitchen, featuring designs by New Zealand artist and long-time ecostore collaborator John Reynolds. With the same safer, plant and mineral-based formulations on the inside, each aluminium bottle comes already refilled with Lemongrass Hand Wash or Lemon Dish Liquid.

Shoppers can refill their aluminium bottles at more than 100 ecostore refills station across New Zealand, in green stores, speciality grocery and some New World and Countdown supermarkets, online or by buying a refill pack sold in supermarkets.