Edible Art Gallery at Four Seasons Hotel Tokyo

How does an art-motivated afternoon tea inspired by classical Impressionist and modern pop art sound? The Parisian-style bistro, Maison Marunouchi, at Four Seasons Hotel Tokyo is hosting a new “Summer Exhibition” afternoon tea featuring six beautiful, mouth-watering sweets designed around Impressionist paintings and pop art pieces.

Available until September 12, 2022, Pastry Chef Elwyn Boyles and his team skillfully convey the essence of each artwork in edible format, from the vibrant colours of Vincent van Gogh’s Sunflowers to the joyful whimsy of Banksy’s Girl with Balloon.

The seasonally-inspired menu of desserts adopts summer flavours such as peach, blueberry and passionfruit. Meanwhile, the exquisite selection of savouries is led by Michelin-starred Chef Daniel Calvert.

Sweet Artworks

  • Girl with Blueberry Balloon. A summery dessert mirroring one of the most famous works of Banksy, the anonymous British street artist who elevated graffiti to an art form. Crafted with fluffy peach cheesecake and fresh blueberries.
  • The Loving Choux. A pastry inspired by an iconic pop art piece by Keith Haring. Filled with peach compote and vanilla cream, the choux depicts a heart carried by two people, expressed in dark and white chocolate textures.
  • Peach Kiss. A delicate, minimalistic dessert that draws on the famous Kiss sculptures by German contemporary artist Niclas Castello. Shimmering with silver, the red lips brim with luscious flavours such as chocolate and peach.
  • Sunflower. A confectionary homage to Sunflowers, the masterpiece by Post-Impressionist painter Vincent van Gogh. Presented in the form of sunflowers, this intricate chocolate-based creation features vibrant elements, from green tea stems to yellow passionfruit petals.
  • Tea with Monet. Flavoured with peach tea and white chocolate, macaroons are showcase a bed of blue, ivory and yellow hues. The vibrant plate mirrors the nature-inspired palette of Claude Monet, founder of the Impressionist style of painting. 
  • Passionfruit Smiles. A sweet treat that unites two classic inspirations: the “smiling face” motif of pop art, and meringue pie, the all-time favourite American dessert. Crafted with seasonal passionfruit, this delightful creation will spark smiles all around.

Savoury Sojourn

The savouries are served in courses throughout the afternoon to ensure guests enjoy each dish at the perfect temperature.

Some masterful creations include:

  • Tomato Tart with Smoked Cream, a bistro-inspired surprise, 
  • Silken Chicken Liver Parfait, cooked with riesling and served with apricot jam.
  • Crispy Pig’s Head with Sauce Gribiche 
  • Croque Madame
  • Chicken Wings with Ranch Dressing and Devilled Eggs.