Excuse Me, There’s An Insect In My Soup!

Next time you visit your local Countdown Supermarket, don’t be surprised when you see a giant Weta named Awhina popping out to say Kia ora!

Why is there a giant weta in my supermarket you may ask, Awhina is the face of Countdown’s new Super Insects programme that will run for the next six weeks. Customers will be able to learn about 72 different types of insects.

“If the last few months have taught us anything, it’s that our planet is unpredictable and ever-changing, and we have to look after what we’ve got. For the long-term survival of our environment, and for food-focused businesses like Countdown, insects play a critical role,” notes Sally Copland, General Manager of Countdown.

New Zealand’s very own ‘Bug Man’, Ruud Kleinpaste, is teaming up with Countdown to help share his passion for insects with families throughout the country.

“This is a really fun and interactive way for Kiwi’s to learn about the insects that roam throughout Aotearoa. I want to help people appreciate the creepy, crawly friends instead of wanting to reach for the bug spray,” said Kleinpaste.

Countdown has worked closely with an entomologist and education specialist to create Super Insects.  Together with collector cards and puzzle pieces, there is also a free interactive app to bring the insect collection to life with augmented reality, bug facts and insect filters.  To support physical distancing for their team and customers, collector cards can be shared and swapped online rather than in person.

Countdown has also gifted education packs about insects to 200 lower decile primary schools across the country with specially-designed lesson guides in line with the set curriculum.  At the end of the promotion, any leftover merchandise and cards will be donated to KidsCan, a Countdown charity partner.

So, get involved, and let’s start learning more about why insects are just our nature friends!