Get Excited! Nido Has Doubled In Size

Since Nido opened ‘stage one’ to the public, we have been eager to see what they have to offer for ‘stage two’. We are so excited to share the news that the second stage of New Zealand’s largest retail store is now open!

Nido, located in Auckland, is a furniture and homeware store with thousands of products on offer. With a space of 27,000sqm, we will be expecting to see 100+ showrooms on display and a wide range of large furniture, such as couches, dining suites and beds.

The opening of the ground level in June, which attracted more than 3,000 visitors per day, has already given Kiwis a taste of the Nido vision. The second stage will be a space for larger furniture items to be on display.

“The first level has more than 100 showrooms which have been created by our team of designers to showcase the latest interior styles from around the world,” said Vinod Kumar, CEO of Nido.

“A full-size showhome has also been built on the first floor and will also be fitted-out to more effectively demonstrate how the products will look inside a home.”

What’s better than a second level of home interior goodness? A 1,200sqm, 340 seat Perch cafe with delicious meals for customers and locals.

The opening of the second stage of Nido will create 100 new jobs within the retail sector which will be vital for the recovery of the New Zealand economy.

So what are you waiting for? Head on over to Nido for all your new home/renovation needs!