Experience Exceptional Coffee Craftsmanship

From fresh bread to fine wine, the world of gastronomy is no stranger to the intricate and dedicated fermentation processes that transform raw ingredients into true culinary delights.

Coffee experts at Nespresso have been working side-by-side with small-hold farms in Nicaragua to employ an innovative new fermentation approach to the local coffee craftsmanship process, resulting in a deliciously distinctive smooth and well-balanced cup. Introducing Master Origins Nicaragua La Cumplida Refinada, Nespresso’s first seasonal coffee from Nicaragua, as part of the legendary Master Origins range.

The story of La Cumplida Refinada

Master Origins Nicaragua La Cumplida Refinada is an example of Nespresso’s passion and curiosity, in its quest to find a coffee process that reveals a cup bursting with surprising flavours.

Due to the exceptional climate and growing conditions, small farms in Nicaragua are known for their microlots of coffee, which are small, limited quantities of coffee grown by local skilled craftsmen. Coffee experts at Nespresso saw a recent rise of experimentation within the post-harvest coffee process, especially around the fermentation stage. Just like a fine wine, fermentation is a key stage in the processing of any coffee to unveil its true flavours and aroma. The conditions a coffee farmer chooses to ferment the coffee will determine the final taste in the cup.

Taste the difference with Master Origins Nicaragua La Cumplida Refinada

Coffee lovers can expect the unexpected with Master Origins Nicaragua La Cumplida Refinada. While it is using the same coffee variety as the Master Origins Nicaragua from the permanent range, the unique yeast fermentation enables this time smooth notes of candied cherry and pomegranate compared to sweet and cereal notes.

To enjoy the full aromatics of Master Origins Nicaragua La Cumplida Refinada we recommend drinking it black, served as an Espresso or Lungo.

Savour Master Origins Nicaragua La Cumplida Refinada at home with the Origin Collection

In celebration of this limited-edition coffee, a sleek and sophisticated Origin Collection Lungo gift set will also be available to purchase. The deep red shade of the inside of the coffee cups is reminiscent of the coffee cherry’s colour developed during the coffee fermentation process, a perfectly subtle nod to Nespresso’s and Nicaragua’s shared passion for innovation.

Nespresso’s Master Origins Nicaragua La Cumplida Refinada is available online and at Nespresso Boutiques for a limited time.