Feeling Blue? Songs To Cry To In The Shower

Feeling a sense of sad boi hours recently? Don’t worry we all have – thanks 2020. Crying has always been the best way to let out all the negative emotions.

The team at showerstoyou.co.uk has curated the top artists and songs that people listen to on Spotify when they are feeling blue. So next time when you are feeling the need to release those bad vibes and energies, try playing the songs below.

Showerstoyou.co.uk found that 74 percent of the population around the world chooses to let out a cry in the shower with crying in the bed followed closely second with 68 percent. People also choose places like in the car, on the sofa and in the toilets at work. Does that sound like what you would do? We’ve actually never thought about having a go-to spot when sadness hits us.

Nonetheless, after 10,000 songs from Spotify playlists, showerstoyou.co.uk discovered that 74 percent of us chose the shower as the ultimate destination for “me time”.

Top songs played in the shower:

Top artists played in the shower:

Do you agree with these lists? All we can say we’ve got a few songs added to our sad times playlist…