Film Review | Exorcist Believer

Universal Pictures

As someone who appreciates exploring different belief systems and perspectives, I was intrigued by the premise of “Exorcist Believer.”

This movie is a Sequel to the 1973 original, set 50 years later. It disregards the four failed sequels before it. The characters in this story felt one-dimensional and lacked depth. The character development fell short, leaving me feeling disconnected from their journey. The plot felt predictable and lacked any surprising twists or turns. I found myself anticipating every plot point, which diminished any sense of suspense or excitement. The story also failed to delve into the psychological aspects of exorcism, missing an opportunity to explore the complex nature of the human mind and its susceptibility. While the female characters played their roles really well, their performance cannot be compared to the original position of Regan McNeil.

“Exorcist Believer” fell short of my expectations. Two stars.