As expected DC Entertainment released the first trailer for upcoming show Titans, based on their beloved comic series Teen Titans at San Diego Comic-Con. What was not expected was the blatantly gruesome nature of DC’s latest live-action creation. Dick Grayson (Brenton Thwaites) aka Robin grew up to be a police officer, an interesting creative choice entailing that Robin will lead the Titans as an adult. An adult who apparently had some creative differences with the Dark Night if the gory alleyway fight scene is anything to go by.

Raven (Teagan Croft) also takes a prominent role in the new trailer, receiving visions that draw her to Robin. From this, we can suspect that Raven’s telepathic abilities might be the main factor in bringing the team together. Though Raven’s exclamation to Robin about how her mother told her there was ‘no such thing as monsters’ raises some questions about her origins in this adaption.

We only got short glimpses of Beast Boy (Ryan Potter), Star Fire (Anna Diop) and Dove (Minka Kelly) but concerned Titan’s fans will be pleased to see that Beast Boy takes the same green pigmentation as his comic book counterpart.

Overall a pretty decent first look for a show that is riding on seriously high stakes. As the debut show of DC’s new streaming service, Titans could make or break the franchise. So long as they can balance Robin and Ravens brooding angst with Starfire’s earnest sweetness and Beast Boy’s quirky one-liners, while still maintaining its apparent R18 rating Titans has the potential to redefine what is expected of DCTV shows.