Flexi Falsies Are Changing The Game

If you struggle to find comfortable false lashes then Glam By Manicure has a solution for you.

The new Flexi Lashes feature an ultra-fine and extremely flexible lash band that makes for a comfortable wearing experience. Perfect for everyday users, those easily irritated, or those who want an elevated glam look with the bonus of comfort, the fluttery falsies feel and look reassuringly real.

Flexi Lashes feature a stretchy, invisible, and extremely bendable lash band that seamlessly follows the natural curve and movement of the eyes. Created to ensure they stay on from end to end, the days of pesky eye poking are no more.

Glam By Manicure Flexi Lashes are reusable for up to five times and in five varying super of styles to suit every individual. The Emery Accent provides an outer corner lift, River Natural creates an eye-opening las elevation, Jesse Length is for luscious long eyes, Ariel Intense for dramatic full glam, and Skylar Luxe for a glamorous volume and length hybrid.

The entire range is latex-free, cruelty-free, and hypoallergenic. Each pack includes an adhesive.

For best results simply choose your lash of choice, cut the lashes to size, and trim the outer end. Apply adhesive to the invisible lash band and wait a couple of seconds for the glue to turn tacky before using a lash applicator or tweezers to gently apply and push the lashes along the lash line.

Once the Glam By Manicare Flexi Lashes are in place users can rest assured knowing their lashes are seamlessly locked in for the long haul.