Fourth Time Lucky For Carrie and Aiden?

And just like that, we are back to square one.


Fans around the world are nervously waiting for the return of ‘And Just Like That,’ as season two of the controversial television show is soon to be upon us.

The last season was received by an avalanche of outcrying fans, many of which disappointed in the show’s storyline. The death of Mr Big in episode one, in many ways, put a damper on the rest of the season, and to be perfectly honest, it just wasn’t the same.

Photos released by the HBO show’s official Instagram page have shown Carrie to be back together with her long-time boyfriend and former fiancee, Aiden Shaw. For fans of the show, this announcement would have undoubtedly caused a sigh of frustration. The energy spent on their original relationship was wasted when Carrie cheated on Aiden with Big. 

The second time they broke up was due to Carrie’s hesitation when it came to committing to a relationship. Then how could we forget in the second ‘Sex and the City ‘movie, when Carrie miraculously bumped into Aiden at a market in Abu Dhabi. Talk about coincidence.

Having just recently re-watched the show’s original six seasons and movies in consecutive entirety, finding out that Aiden will return in a few short weeks was distressing. To highlight why, we have accumulated our top moments where Aiden was wronged by Carrie.

The Ring


You can’t help but feel sorry for Aiden on the day that Carrie finds an engagement ring in his bag. When opening the pear-shaped diamond Harry Winston ring, Carrie’s first instinct was that it made her sick, literally. She then told her friends Samantha, Charlotte and Miranda, who tried to be supportive as Carrie rambled on about her dislike of the ring. A heavily pregnant Miranda, then awkwardly, announced that she had been asked for her input in choosing the jewellery in question. Let’s just say, at least it was a diamond.

Going Out


Carrie is clearly someone who enjoys partying and going out most nights of the week, but for country boy Aiden, these events made him feel like a fish out of water. Carrie would often complain about the fact Aiden was uncomfortable with such a lifestyle, which often resulted in her taking Stanford as her plus one instead. 

Big Issue


Speaking of being a country boy, Aiden owned a cabin in upper-state New York. On one particular occasion, when our hearing had come back from Carrie’s constant screaming about everything that moved, she invited Big up to the cabin due to his emotional mood. This should have been a sign for Aiden in many ways. When it was revealed that Big drank all of Aiden’s red wine it resulted in quite the fight the next day between the two alfa males.

The Apartment


When Carrie couldn’t afford to keep her apartment in Manhattan, Aiden came to the rescue and bought it for her. She then thanked him by breaking up with him a few weeks later. Aiden, in revenge, gave her 30 days to buy her apartment back or move out. Although this was a side to him we had never seen before, this viewer at least, unwittingly applauded the move.


So the ‘Big’ question (pun intended) is what will season two of ‘And Just Like That’ deliver for the fans? With photos of the couple seemingly being very friendly with each other, it has been raising our eyebrows in speculation. Although HBO is yet to officially announce a release date, ‘And Just Like That’is expected to release soon, and we are ready for the drama.