MAFS S10 EP22 | “I Walked Down The Aisle To Harrison, Not You.”


Married At First Sight (MAFS): whether you know it, love it and can’t get enough of it or have absolutely no clue what it is, it is undoubtedly all anyone in the office is talking about.   

For all those too pressed for time to watch (or would rather watch anything else), this is your (somewhat) reliable source of juicy updates to keep up with all the office banter. 

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Episode Twenty-Two: The Final Streak

We have finally arrived at the retreat, and any who thought this would be a relaxing holiday was sorely mistaken. 

The episode began with fun and games, with each couple arriving together. Even Hugo and Tayla came together, even if unbeknownst to Hugo, it was under false pretences. 

“I’m just telling him what he wants to hear,” gossiped Tayla to the camera crew. 

After Tayla accused Hugo of lying at the commitment ceremony and he defended his sharing of feelings, the bride seemingly agreed with Hugo. She decided the pair should enter the retreat together, giving Hugo a sense of hope. 

Things kicked off the moment the couples arrived. Melinda revealed to Layton that the claws were out for Harrison and Bronte for adding fuel to the fire during their time on the couch at the commitment ceremony. 

The grooms played tennis together. In a bout of playfulness, Jesse decided to streak through the entire villa in the middle of the day. Husband to Claire, he left nothing to the imagination, flashing everyone while wearing a mischievous grin as he ran away. 

Then came time for the evening. Harrison seems to take to drama like a duck to water. He submerges himself in it every chance he gets. The moment the men and women cross barriers and talk to each other, Harrison makes a great point of telling Evelyn he doesn’t believe the butt dial happened. 

Harrison further claimed that the butt dial wrecked Dan and Sandy’s relationship and was why Dan (his gym lifting bud) left the experiment.  Cue every woman groaning. Forget behaving poorly being the topic of discussion. Being held accountable for it is an actual crime.  

Evelyn stood her ground. Harrison further stated that if the butt dial had happened, had she heard what Rupert said. 

“If you want to talk privately with me like an adult, we can. I know exactly what you’re trying to do, and I don’t appreciate it,” defended Evelyn. 

Rupert came to his wife’s defence, asking Harrison to enlighten him on what he had said about Evelyn, to which Harrison diverted down a different path, zooming instead onto Rupert. 

“I don’t trust you,” snarled Harrison, his red-faced anger permeating. 

“I don’t care,” replied Rupert. Gone was the nervous groom we had initially met. 

“You should,” threatened Harrison, his probing at the couple, only strengthening their bond as Rupert and Evelyn defended their relationship and each other. 

Then, as good friends do, all the women turn to Bronte to desperately tell her to see the truth about Harrison. However, the comment that stuck with Bronte was Melinda calling her naive for defending Harrison’s behaviour. 

I walked down the aisle to Harrison, not you,

“I walked down the aisle to Harrison, not you,” declared Bronte before storming off. 

The next day only drove tensions further as Bronte spent the entire day priming everyone about how she was upset with Melinda and spoke to anyone but Melinda about it. 

“She is waiting to do it in a group setting,” Melinda told Layton.

However, Bronte and Melinda’s altercation would have to wait. Duncan entered the room as Alyssa did make-up and asked if she was okay. 

“I think this is the first conversation we’ve had all day,” said Alyssa.

Duncan reacted then in a way you hope every partner would, apologising because he thought she wanted to spend the day with the other brides and said that he read that wrong and went into the mode of wanting to resolve the situation. 

However, Alyssa had geared for an argument, and his amicable reaction did not align. She went on to say that she didn’t want to have to communicate her needs all the time. 

When Alyssa entered the company of the other brides, she picked apart what Duncan said and pasted it together in the worst possible light that could only make him appear horrible. 

But Bronte asked Melinda for an apology, and instead of gratifying her, Melinda went on to state that she stood by what she and the other brides said, stating that she only shared her thoughts with Bronte because she cared. 

Meanwhile, the grooms gathered around Hugo after Tayla had spoken loudly with the other brides about sexting her ex. Hugo wondered if he should try to fix his relationship, and the other men returned with an almost too quick, firm no.