Goodbye Jeremy Kyle

For over a decade The Jeremy Kyle Show bought drama, laughter and extreme amusement to daytime television enthusiasts across the world. However, the moment many people thought was long overdue, while others believed it would never come, has arrived as ITV announced the indefinite cancellation of the show.

The show was put on a temporary hiatus following the death of a contestant days after appearing on an unaired episode. While an investigation into the guest’s passing is still underway, ITV has announced that regardless of the outcome, The Jeremy Kyle Show will not be returning to television.

The news of the contestant’s death prompted an outpour of hate directed at the show. Even the British Prime Minister, Theresa May spoke out against the series. “Broadcasters and production companies have a responsibility for the mental health and well-being of participants and viewers of their programmes,” said a spokesperson for May.

Not only has the show’s broadcasting been put to a sharp stop, but episodes are being removed from a range of On Demand services, including TVZ.

“Like ITV, we will be moving on from this show,” reported TVNZ.

It is fair to say that daytime television will be scrambling to fix the massive whole this iconic show will leave. Where else will people go to get their daily dose of scandal? Viewers will have to wait for the next-big-thing to take the series’ place. But for now, they will have to survive off of the equally enthralling but more subdued Dr Phil.