Sydney 1938. A sixty-three-year-old Jean Ford is hit by a car on Oxford street that causes them to slip into a coma. Memories shift and prick at their mind ever changing with the nick and jab of the nurse’s needles. Wellington 1885, Tally Ho has no need for school because she dreams of becoming a butcher boy like her idol Harry Crawford. Wearing corsets and dresses don’t fit into said dream so she runs away. Sydney, 1917 the body of a woman burned to death is discovered at the Lane Cove River. That same weekend a young man files a missing person report for his mother, he also claims that his stepfather Harry Crawford might be hiding something big. Jean Ford lies unconscious in a Sydney hospital. She remembers being imprisoned as Tally Ho, being free as Harry Crawford, she remembers the lives she led, the lies she told, the truths she covered up. She just can’t for the life of her seem to remember what was real. An intriguing take on the real life of Eugenia Falleni, Pip Smith’s ‘Half Wild’ is an eccentric and fascinating murder mystery.