Halfway to Halloween Hotline

Shudder is THE streaming site for your horror, thriller and supernatural fix. This April, Shudder is back with its popular Halfway to Halloween Hotline, bringing you a killer line-up of new original series, films, and more!

As a bonus, every Friday in April from 3 pm – 4 pm ET / 8 pm – 9 pm BST, members are invited to call Samuel Zimmerman, Shudder’s VP of programming, for customised horror viewing recommendations from Shudder’s expansive film collection – from his favourite genre films of all time to highly anticipated releases this year. A new hotline phone number will be announced each Friday on Shudder’s social media platforms. 

Cursed Films II 

New Series Premieres 7th April with New Episodes Every Thursday 

Shudder’s acclaimed documentary series is back to exploring the facts and myths surrounding a new batch of famous films some consider cursed. The new season will feature films including The Wizard of Oz, Rosemary’s Baby, Stalker and The Serpent and the Rainbow. Featuring new interviews with FX expert and former Mythbusters host Adam Savage, Oscar-winning cinematographer Roger Deakins, actor Bill Pullman, and daughter of Judy Garland, Lorna Luft, among many others.

The Cellar 

New Film Premieres 15th April 

The Cellar tells the story of Keira Woods (Elisha Cuthbert), whose daughter mysteriously vanishes in the cellar of their new house in the country. Keira soon discovers there is an ancient and powerful entity controlling their home that she will have to face or risk losing her family’s souls forever.

Virus 32

New Film Premieres 21st April 

A virus breaks out and a chilling massacre rages through the streets. The sick become hunters, and only calm their fever by unscrupulously killing all those not yet infected. Unaware of this, Iris (Paula Silva) and her daughter spend the day in the sports club where Iris works as a security guard. When night falls, their fight for survival begins. Their only hope of salvation arrives when they discover that after each attack, the infected seem to stop for 32 seconds of calm before attacking again. Also stars Daniel Hendler and Sofía González. Written by Juma Fodde and Gustavo Hernández and directed by Gustavo Hernández.

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