In-depth Look Into Climate Crisis With DocPlay

Climate Change is a huge problem, and warnings about global warming have been around for a long time, but it just doesn’t seem to stick. We need to start paying attention to the fact that it is worsening and the global climate crisis is deepening.

If you still don’t know much about the subject or are looking to understand more about the current situation, DocPlay has released two documentaries that focus on this critical issue affecting everyone and everything on our planet.

Islands of the Future

The world is in an energy crisis that’s getting worse. Oil and gas cost more and more. Coal is fuelling global climate change. In Europe especially, people are searching for ways of freeing themselves from the fetters of fossil fuels. And answers to this challenge are being found in the sea, off the coast of Europe.

Water is our Future

This series tells the story of five exceptional regions, showing that a huge problem for humankind can be solved: our handling of the elements vital for life – water. Visually powerful, highly relevant and future-oriented, this five-part series showcases unique solutions to limited energy resources.