Here’s a Sneak Peak of Four Point Puzzles’ Newest Collection

Well known for their Moon puzzle, Four Point Puzzles have once again wowed us with their upcoming puzzle collection! Launching on the 20th of May, the collection includes five classic paint by numbers paintings from the 1950s and 1960s. It also features five distinct landscapes from a quiet forest setting to the very iconic desert painting.

“I grew up with several Paint by Numbers at our family cabin that were completed by my great grandfather,” said Lindsay, the owner of Four Point Puzzle.

“I am particularly interested in their place in contemporary art. The graphic sensibility of these works modernized the classic landscape painting into something that feels more like pop art. I am also intrigued by the polarizing effect that these paintings had among the art community of the time. Many artists claimed the paintings devalued their own work, whereas Andy Warhol not only collected the paintings but went as far as to create his own series of half-completed Paint by Numbers titled Do It Yourself in the early 1960s.”

Paint by numbers is making such a strong comeback into the world of hobbies and is the perfect stress relief remedy. So if you are a fan of puzzles and paint by numbers, definitely check this out!

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