Horror movie star charged with murder

A woman starring in the upcoming horror movie From the Dark has been charged with murder after shooting her uncle in a similar manner to a murder she portrays in the film.

Aisling Tucker Moore-Read was originally charged with manslaughter until authorities found a video of her shooting her relative on her mobile phone.

From the Dark producers were unaware of the nature of Moore-Reads crime when she auditioned for the role of Valerie Faust under the false name of Wynn Reed. The actress was out on bail during the filming of the movie but was arrested the day after the movie wrapped.

“We got the story that painted her as a hero basically and we bought it for too long,” one filmmaker told NBC.

“Once we saw the video, it was like the entire story that we got was completely fabricated.”

Footage of the shooting found on Moore-Read’s phone shows the actress calling her uncle a “son of a bitch” before pulling the trigger.

Court footage shows the actress watching the video and can be heard saying “I didn’t mean to shoot him.”

In the film, Moore-Read’s character is a young tour guide in Oregon who shoots someone.

From the Dark was set to be released in time for Halloween but has been pushed back due to the incident.