The smartphone has just taken the biggest step forward yet with the release of the Huawei Mate 10 Series. Designed to be so much more than just a smartphone, the latest release from Huawei incorporates new, intuitive Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology, which sees it set to disrupt the status quo and propel Huawei into the ‘superphone’ era.

In a world first, the Huawei Mate 10 Series includes AI thanks to its Kirin 970 AI mobile chipset, which utilises a dedicated Neural Network Processing Unit (NPU) that learns how each individual uses their smartphone. Assisting with photography, using object recognition and learning your preferences, the AI platform tunes into what applications are regularly used and develops a curated, streamlined experience tailored to the user.

The Smartphone also features; a powerful battery offering two days’ usage per charge, and rapid SuperCharge technology that boosts battery to 58 per cent in 30 minutes, the world’s fastest 4.5G experience, the first smartphone with Dual 4G SIM support, and a high-quality Leica dual back camera that automatically refines images, captures stunning high-resolution imagery, and offers 3D (360 degree) photography.

These powerful AI technology features and specifications, combined with Huawei’s signature high quality camera capabilities, result in an impressive device geared toward providing the ultimate in user experience.