IKEA’s Jaw-dropping Animal Crossing Catalogue

Just when we thought Animal Crossing: New Horizons was beginning to lose its hype… nope! It’s still going strong!

IKEA Taiwan has integrated Animal Crossing into their “catalogue”. A few pages were uploaded on Facebook showing their products and examples of ways to design your home: Animal Crossing style.

All images sourced from Facebook: @IKEA.Taiwan · Furniture

Translation: Let’s begin a happy new life!

We can see on the left is the actual catalogue compared with the realistic Animal Crossing version. There are over 1000 new products in this catalogue and we are just like the comments under their facebook post – wishing the catalogue was all real!

Translation: Create space and let the imagination run wild

With the comparison between each page, I can’t believe it’s just a marketing gimmick, I want it to be real! Every piece of IKEA furniture is replicated so well, just look at the details of that wallpaper!

So if you are looking for inspiration to spice up your home (real or in Animal Crossing), IKEA Taiwan will have all the inspo you need.