REVIEW: Thanks to Netflix Algorithms, I Watched Trinkets S1 & 2 Back to Back

If you’re like me, you find myself scrolling until the days meet on your Netflix homepage. In the day and age of advanced technology and algorithms, your Netflix homepage is incredibly tailored to you.

Let me give you some quirky facts about algorithms (thank you film degree) – they learn your every click and study how long you spend watching films, shows and trailers. That’s the basics right, we all know that. But, did you know that the category names are tailored to the viewer? Say, you’re a film buff, and only watch “good” films, then categories and sections that come up will reflect that. For example, “Critically Acclaimed TV shows”, and at times they get really specific like, “Crime TV Shows Set in New York City”, and no, I didn’t make that up.

Have a look at your home page now, is the artwork all similar in style? That’s right, just because you watch Riverdale, and so does your friends, the artwork that comes up for the show will be different. Your homepage will have KJ Apa right front and centre, why? Because you’ve repeatedly clicked on show artworks that include prominent character faces. Your friend – a detailed picture of the setting, why? for the same reason above.

So, with all that being said – my homepage knows me, and for that, it presented me with the show: Trinkets – and boy, did they do a good job.

I watched Season 1, the week before Season 2 came out – the timing on my part was immaculate, I set myself up for the ultimate two-season binge.

Season 1 begins with an introduction to Elodie, a shy and awkward teenage girl with a lot of emotional baggage. She lost her mother in a car crash which she was in, and is now in the hands of her (very loving) dad and step mum. Although, her dad and step mum does everything to mend this dad-daughter relationship, Elodie needs the time to do… Elodie things, and for starters that’s to steal.

She goes to SA (Shoplifting Anonymous) once a week, where she sits and listens to the confessions of fellow SA members, and at times she will share her own stories and traumas. We learn a lot about her through these meetings.

In the SA meeting she meets, miss popular, Tabitha Foster and emo outcast, Moe Truax. After, figuring out they go to the same school, but definitely would not be seen together (street cred needs to be at top-notch when at school), they continue despising each others company in SA and at school.

After more mandatory SA meetings, and hanging out once to see who would be able to steal the most expensive item from a store without getting caught, there was a small spark and hope that maybe this trio was here to stay.

We learn that Elodie and Tabitha don’t steal because they need to – Elodie doesn’t need any of the things she steals, and Tabitha is extremely rich, Elodie steals whenever she is overwhelmed with emotions and needs a break and Tabitha steals lipsticks for her private photography Instagram account.

Moe on the other hand… I’ll have to leave you to figure that one out yourself.

The trio ends up being ride-or-dies, helping each other out of abusive and toxic relationships and literally doing everything and anything for each other when something comes up, and, a lot of things come up.

This show cleverly explores issues of addiction, toxic relationships, family, trust and of course, friendships.

Elodie is perfectly awkward, sometimes I get second-hand awkwardness just watching her (and that’s when you know it’s good), Tabitha is effortlessly cool and Moe just seems like someone you want around all the time (despite her inability to make good choices 99 percent of the time).

Nonetheless, I started this show all thanks to it popping up on my homepage, with no expectations. I didn’t google reviews before, I barely even watched the trailer – I was just desperate to start a series. And to my surprise, after binge-watching two seasons back to back, it wasn’t enough. I want more! My only complaint is, why is there no season 3?!