REVIEW: Lucifer Is Finally Back With Season 5

What a dreadfully long wait! But at last! Netflix is finally feeding us what we have all been waiting for! Lucifer is back, and we gave in to temptation. After binge-watching the first eight episodes, here are my thoughts.

Warning – spoilers will be included in this review.

A fast recap on the end of season 4: Dr Linda Martin and Amenadiel had a baby while Detective Chole Decker finally found out and accepted who Lucifer is. The demons then decided to surface up to the Earth, endangering Lucifer’s loved ones. Unfortunately, he had to face the facts and go back down to be the ruler of Hell.

For those like me, who’s been by Lucifer’s side since season 1, we knew Lucifer would make a comeback. After long speculations and predictions on how exactly it was going to happen, the result definitely blew our minds.

The new season introduced another celestial, the archangel Michael, the jealous twin of Lucifer. The only difference is, Michael had an American accent and a rogue-like character. The irony of the character, Michael, is he embodies the role of the devil as he tries to sabotage the relationships and the life of his twin brother on Earth. Which then leads to lots of conflicts, such as, Dan finding out who Lucifer is and trying to kill him or Chloe ending up getting kidnapped. So, of course, Lucifer had to come back up before it was all too late. 

Side note: Can we also take a moment and clap our hands as Chloe and Lucifer are finally an item?! We have waited 5 seasons for this to happen, and it was 5 seasons too long.

A special episode is also featured in the first half of the season it takes us back to the 1940s, where Lucifer solves his first detective case. The black and white episode shows all cast members in different roles, and Charlotte makes a comeback. We follow Lucifer’s footsteps and discover the relationship between him and Mazikeen’s mother. Let’s say, Chloe and Ella, play fantastic male detectives.

And back to the present – Amenadiel suddenly freezes time as he feels danger for his non-celestial baby Charlie. (Yep, Charlie does not have angelic powers!) As the brothers realise it was Michael who manipulated both of them, the siblings plus Mazaikeen then got into an epic fight at the police precinct.

Michael was clearly no match for Lucifer and Amenadiel, and a familiar voice demanded them to stop as the last episode also ends.

You guessed it! Yes, it was their father, the almighty God himself (not the one from the mental hospital). What a cliffhanger ending! We can’t wait for the next eight episodes to come out! We need closure!