I’m Not Lovin’ It | Gallery in Auckland Selling McDonald’s Pickle for $10,000

Your local McDonald’s could be serving the next Picasso as a local Auckland gallery has slapped exhibited a single slice of pickle on its ceiling – with a price tag of $10,000.

Simply titled, Pickle, the artwork was lifted straight from a McDonald’s cheeseburger and hurled onto the roof of the Michael Lett Gallery by Australian artist Matthew Griffin. All that holds the slice in place is the sticky sauce it came with, and yet it shows no signs of budging!

The work really sparks the question of how meaning and value are generated – with a hefty price tag that doesn’t even put the buyer in possession of this particular pickle. Instead, the buyer receives instructions on how to install their own McDonald’s pickle in their own exhibition space (peel… and throw). 

Is it art? Being a subjective topic means you get to decide for yourself if this pickle is worth relishing in. Alternatively, head down to the closest Macca’s and get it at a $9,995 discount.