International Pineapple Day: Limited Edition Pineapple Doughnuts

Who knew there was a day to celebrate the lovely tropical fruit, the pineapple? Well, there is, this Saturday, 27th June, is the day to enjoy everything pineapple and what better place to start than with doughnuts?

Auckland doughnut queen, Just Jess Cake Co, has created two limited-edition Dole pineapple doughnuts for the occasion in which you can purchase through their online store.

You can opt for the Pina Colada doughnut dipped in white chocolate ganache, covered in toasted coconut with caramelised pineapple pieces and toasted coconut flakes.

Limited Edition Pina Colada Doughnut

Or, you can opt for a Pineapple Lump filled doughnut with chunky spiced pineapple compost, half dipped in dark chocolate and topped with Pineapple Lump pieces. The choice is yours but in doubt? I’d get two of each.

Pineapple Lump Doughnut

There’s no other way to spread the love of pineapples and sunshine like ordering one (or two) of these delicious doughnuts. Get one for your best friend, workmate, mum, dad, and don’t forget yourself! You deserve it!

Celebrating Pineapple Day is not just about the gold ol’ piece of tropical fruit. Instead, it’s also about spreading love and sunshine. Dole believes that International Pineapple Day is the best excuse to put yourself first. You should be embracing the winter season without feeling blue.

Dole recommends trying out these doughnuts as well as trying new things. For example, trying a new type of exercise, taking up a new hobby or even trying a new pineapple recipe, like this Dole Pineapple, Coconut and Lime Cheesecake recipe.