Is Your Doggo Team Park or Team Beach?

“Walkies” is probably your canine’s favourite word besides “treats”. Going on daily walks helps dogs maintain good health and release extra energy. The team at TUX NZ have gone out of their way to search for the ideal places for dog walks.

Based on their survey, 56 percent of Kiwi dog owners take their dogs to the park while 48 percent heads to the beach. Each walk is around an hour for 3km. 88 percent prefers an off-leash area.

More than half of the owners are not satisfied with their current walks as they feel it doesn’t deliver what their dogs want. Ideally, during walks, 48 percent of dog owners would like socialising between their canines, 37 percent wants swimming to be included during their daily walk.

Results show, only around 33 percent of dogs get to socialise while 15 percent don’t even have the chance to go on a regular walk. So sad!

The survey also shows that dog owners prefer to walk their dogs on a weekday rather than the weekend, and in the morning rather than in the evening.

“We Kiwis like to think of dogs as our best mates. This research revealed just how much they enjoy being outside, having fun and being active, which is really encouraging to see,” said Jennifer Chappell, Country Business Manager at TUX.

“With more than a third of dog walkers saying that a desire to spend quality time with their dog was a prompt for walking, we thought we’d have some fun and come up with the recipe to make that quality time the perfect Kiwi dog walk for all involved.”

TUX has also curated a list of areas around New Zealand to spark new adventures with your doggo. So next time when you are sick of the regular routes, give these places a go!

The Best Places to Explore With Your Dog:


  • Kerikeri, Roland’s Wood


  • Auckland, Kakamatua Inlet
  • Auckland, Orakei Basin
  • Auckland, Waiatarua Reserve
  • Auckland, Kauri Point Domain


  • Raglan, Ngarunui Beach

Bay of Plenty

  • Whakatane, Ohope Beach


  • Gisborne Wainui Beach

Hawke’s Bay

  • Hawke’s Bay, Waimarama Beach


  • New Plymouth, Taranaki Backs Beach

Manawatu – Whanganui

  • Palmerston North, Mowhanau Beach


  • Wellington, Seton Nossitier Park


  • Golden Bay, Rangihaeta Beach


  • Blenheim, Dillions Point River Reserve

West Coast

  • Barrytown, Motukieke Beach


  • Timaru, Waimataitai Beach


  • Dunedin, Smails Beach


  • Invercargill, Waihopai Walkway