It’s Time To Look After Your Lady Bits….

What’s your relationship with your lady bits? Do you pay your nether regions attention if it starts to itch or smell? Are you confused about the ongoing conversation around what you should and should not use to clean down there? But, isn’t my vagina self-cleaning?

Leading vaginal care brand Kolorex® is here to lend you a helping hand with the launch of three new products, Kolorex® Vaginal Care Cream, Kolorex® Vaginal Care Her Balance and Kolorex® Vaginal Care Wash.

If you’ve been thinking about your downstairs and wondering what you could do to provide some added comfort, but you’re after something a bit more herbal, then look no further.

Providing three easy steps to vaginal health Kolorex® offers products that work directly on the skin’s surface (the vulva) and a herbal supplement to support and balance vaginal (the inside bit) microflora from both inside and out.

It’s not all scientists and big corporations, Kolorex Vaginal Care Wash and Cream provide an alternative way to care for your most intimate areas and are formulated with natural herbal ingredients. They are pH balanced, dermatologically approved and harness the power of Horopito, a herb native to New Zealand and long used for its soothing properties.

What’s more, the herbal formulation combines Horopito with Aloe Vera, Tea Tree Oil and Vit E – all handy ingredients for irritations around your lady bits and better still they contain no hidden nasties.

All three products in the Kolorex® range work in harmony to keep your vagina and its sensitive skin in balance.