Master Your Wine & Food Pairings This Lockdown

Banana bread and sourdough are so Lockdown 2020, so we’ve pulled together some of the best trends of Lockdown 5.0 so far.

Not only that, but while many of us have more time on our hands and are spending it by being more creative in the kitchen, have you thought about how to match what you’re cooking with the perfect wine? Well, we have the answers!

Firstly, how good are air fryers? After months of seeing plenty of videos of them being used to their full capability, now is the time to test it out for yourself! Baby steps first, so try a homemade version of family favourite fish and chips by popping it in the air fryer for a lockdown takeaway treat and pair it with a delectable wine to match. A Villa Maria Private Bin Sauvignon Blanc will keep things vibrant, especially if you add a slice of lemon and tartare sauce to your plate.

For those of you with a more refined repertoire and perhaps the patience of a saint, homemade sushi, dumplings and bao buns may be more your vibe. Next time you’re donning your chef apron, why not elevate your favourite Asian style dish with the Villa Maria Private Bin Riesling if you’re using white fish or tuna? It’s particularly perfect when paired on the spicier side with a hint of sweetness and mouthwatering acidity!

If you’re looking at adding red meats to your homemade creation, the Villa Maria Cellar Selection Rosé will be the finishing touch on what is bound to be winner for dinner. Villa Maria’s Reserve Pinot Gris is a match made in heaven with green veggies and tofu, if that’s more your fancy and you’re trying to get fancy.


And of course, a household favourite that cannot be overlooked – the classic spaghetti bolognese. Whether you’re recreating your mum’s legendary spag bol for your flatmates or making a meat-free version for your bubble, bolognese and a frosty spring evening call for a Villa Maria EarthGarden Merlot Cabernet Sauvignon, complementing the richness of the dish perfectly. Adding garlic bread and a salad for a full-on affair? Then perhaps give a Villa Maria Cellar Selection Pinot Noir a go, supple and juicy but allows each element to shine in all its glory.

Or if you’re looking not to cook, how about a delicious grazing platter matched with Villa Maria’s Private Bin Rosé – simple and a match made in heaven.


If you’re wanting an after-dinner sweetener, why not indulge with dessert in a glass. Villa Maria’s Cellar Selection Late Harvest Riesling is luscious and rich. The perfect way to finish off the evening.

Fortunately for us, Villa Maria wines are available for online orders and in supermarkets nationwide, so you’ll be able to pick up a bottle on your next visit.