LONG story short, you have to see this. It’s definitely up there and quite possibly the best movie of the year so far.

Do you remember in the original Jurassic Park, John Hammond justified his terrible idea to build Jurassic Park to the team of scientists he’s assembled to vet it, saying, “All major theme parks have delays. When they opened Disneyland in 1956, nothing worked!”
“Yeah, but, John, if The Pirates of the Caribbean breaks down, the pirates don’t eat the tourists,” Malcolm rebuts.

Well Jurassic World just completely blew that one out of the water with this ironic self-referential joke *MILD SPOILER*
Claire enters the Control Room and notices David Lowery is wearing a vintage Jurassic Park T-shirt.
“Where did you get that?” Claire asks.
“eBay!” Lowery excitedly replies.
“Isn’t that in bad taste?” Claire frostily says.
“Yeah probably, I know a bunch of people died there and everything,” Lowery says. “But the old school Jurassic Park merch was legit!”jake-johnson-as-lowery-the-parks-s-tech-savvyBuy the T-shrit here! Or anywhere on eBay or Amazon really. But seriously that joke was too good. Plus all of his dinosaur toys on his desk/station. We love you David Lowery.

The new movie Jurassic World is amazing. It’s hilarious, scary and kept me on my feet. My plus-one, however, had managed to merge herself onto my seat she was so scared.jurassic-world-super-bowl-trailer-1As seen in the trailer – this majestic water creature was my favourite even before I saw the movie. I was like heck-yeah a water dino!! (And it kicks assssss!! #spoiler #sorrynotsorry)

Check out Chris Pratt learning how to whistle for the role!

There’s a whole bunch of behind the scenes videos that look great and they look like they had a blast making the movie too.

*****HUGE SPOILERS COMING UP*****jurassic-park-3d-t-rexSO I loved the fact that they used the first T-Rex that killed everyone in the first movie. LOVED. But at the end, the gang isn’t eaten by said T-Rex? What the heck? He just chills out and is like it’s alg guys I’m on your side. Side note: how did she out run a T-Rex AND she was in heels? Hmmm, I would of liked it if she kicked off the heels at least half way through the movie. Also she had perfectly straight hair in the beginning and at the end she had effortless wavy beach hair. JurassicWorld5

Ultimately the biggest dick move ever.