Kiwi Kayaks With A Life Cycle

Wool Kayak on a lake

Torpedo7 in collaboration with the wool engineering company, Shear Edge, has released the world’s first kayak made with New Zealand wool. Torpedo7 Kakapo Woollen Single Kayak SE is its name, and it is breaking boundaries in making watersports more sustainable.

Named the Kakapo, as the kayak is just as unique as the native bird, it is made from the fibre called Shear Edge Roto: A highly engineered fibre that consists of 35 percent wool fibres in high-density polyethylene. The wool kayak gives water sports enthusiasts an option that is much kinder to mother nature than the typical plastic, fibreglass or PVC kayaks, as it replaces two kilograms of plastic in the frame.

The kayak is green, black and beige to signify kiwi innovation and guardianship over the world’s outdoor playground. When the Torpedo7 Kakapo Woollen Single Kayak SE has reached the end of its life span, it can be returned to the store and recycled into a new wool composite product.

“To develop the world’s first woollen composite kayak that is 100 percent Kiwi made is a huge feat for our team and just one example of how we’re pushing the boat out with our product designs and sustainability goals. We’re committed to bringing Kiwis the best adventure gear for New Zealand’s unique climate,” said Torpedo7 CEO Simon West.