ATZEN has announced a new product that promises to rid you of all your under-eye baggage. The ATZEN RENEW Eye Lift Serum claims to have a “unique combination of naturally sourced ingredients which refreshes, soothes and energizes the delicate skin around the eye area instantly, giving you a more youthful appearance [by] kick start[ing] cell communication reducing dark circles, puffiness and fine lines.”

The product boasts a unique ingredient called ATZEN’s Syn-ake® peptide, which works over a length of time to reduce the appearance of lines. The Syn-ake® has been specifically designed to mimic the action of the neuromuscular blocking compound of the Temple Viper venom. While the Syn-ake® venom works to paralyse, the peptide relaxes the muscles making it safe to use on skin. It claims to be a safe alternative to botox and works within 15 days to reduce the appearance of expression lines. The Eye Lift Serum is all natural and very gentle to the delicate skin around the eye area.

The ATZEN RENEW™ Eye Lift Serum retails for $145.00.