Lego is Turning 90!

The LEGO Group is turning 90 years old in 2022, and in anticipation of the anniversary, a fan vote was announced in January 2021 to help decide which classic LEGO theme would return and get a brand-new build, likely similar to the nostalgic Pirates of Barracuda Bay.

Since a busy year has passed since the polls started and ended, a reminder may be useful to catch you up on which product lines are in contention behind the scenes for the anniversary set, which was mentioned originally as being part of the Adult 2022 portfolio, meaning this is likely going to be a LEGO for Adults model.

BIONICLE, Classic Space and Pirates respectively took the three top spots in the initial fan vote, proceeding to the next stage with changes to the formula as the LEGO Ideas team chose to combine the split Castle subthemes into one single nomination.

This change meant that Castle was then included in the top themes that would then be judged behind closed doors at the LEGO Group to see which one is best suited for the anniversary set. However, a second poll was started to find out the most popular theme, though it would not affect the final result.

We’re still waiting for the results of that poll and an announcement of the model itself, though it has been confirmed to be part of the 2022 lineup. The 90th anniversary will arrive on August 10, as that day in 1932 is when the LEGO Group was founded – though a reveal may come before then.