Let’s Travel The World, One Instant Noodle Packet At A Time

Do you still remember what one thing you always buy when you travel overseas to Asia? For us, it’s instant noodles. Let’s just conveniently ignore how unhealthy a packet of instant noodles can be, but rather look at how delicious the little bags of dehydrated vegetables and disc of dry noodles is (after the addition of boiling water of course).

Our dreams of exploring the world seem further and further away as I write this post amidst Level 3 lockdown in Auckland. So, why not travel overseas, to Singapore, Thailand, Korea, Japan and much more through the delicacy and cuisine of instant noodles? Plus, it’s smart to panic buy instant noodles for any lockdown, right? So, why stock up on bland chicken and beef flavoured noodles when there is a whole world to discover right at your doorstep?

Scroll down and travel the world with us, not by plane, but by shiny packets of instant noodles! Now, this is a post you never knew you needed.


Prima Taste Laksa Noodles

Prima Taste Laksa Noodles are known to be on the premium level above regular instant noodles. Yes, there are tiers to this, we’re no amateurs. It takes 7 minutes to cook the noodles with a few more steps to follow in order to make these babies to perfection. The rich, creamy and spicy laksa tastes so gourmet as if you are actually having restaurant-quality Laksa at the comfort of your own home. Try it, before you judge it.

Prima Taste Laksa Noodles is available at most Asian supermarkets 


MAMA Shrimp (Tom Yum)

Craving for Tom Yum soup? MAMA’s shrimp flavoured instant noodles is here to save the day! The soup base replicates the spicy and sour taste of Tom Yum with chewy noodles that will leave you satisfied. MAMA also comes in a wide range of different flavours in small packets, perfect for a light, flavourful snack. Sometimes, you just want to travel to Thailand at the convenient hour of ‘midnight-snack-time’, just me?

MAMA Shrimp (Tom Yum) is available at most Asian supermarkets



When we think about Korean instant noodles, Shin Ramen takes the top spot but Buldak-bokkeum-myeon (Fire chicken stir-fried noodles) has been sweeping off the instant noodle world for quite a while now. Known to be extremely spicy (re: spicy instant noodle challenge), those that can eat these are praised for their spice tolerance. Top it off with a slice of cheese or a few if you need help cooling down the spice, give it a try if you’re into spicy foods, but you’ve been warned.

Buldak-bokkeum-myeon is available at most Korean supermarkets


Nissin Raoh Tonkotsu (Pork)

When it comes to instant noodles in Japan, Nissin takes the win. With its own museum in Japan, Nissin has a rich history as well as multiple successful instant noodles flavours. Our current favourite would have to be the Nissin Raoh Tonkotsu – think thick and creamy broth, rich flavours and yummy thin noodles. You’ll have plenty of broth leftover to drink too as the noodles do not soak up all the broth as fast as thicker noodles.

Nissin Raoh Tonkotsu is available at most Japanese supermarkets


Man Han Feast Chilli Beef

Uni-President’s Man Han range is one of the most popular instant noodles in Taiwan. Their noodles are wider than normal instant noodles and the beef broth locks in all the flavours. The portion is slightly bigger than others so you’re fuller for longer. The best part of all, each packet comes with real chunky beef bites to replicate fresh beef noodle soup. I’m not drooling, you are!

Man Han Feast Chilli Beef is available at most Asian supermarkets


Vifon Instant Pho (Chicken Flavour)

When it comes to Vietnamese food, a bowl of steamy pho is what comes to mind. Now that we’re stuck at home, we’d be lying to ourselves if we said we had the patience to make delicious homecooked meals – put your banana bread pan away, right now.

The solution? A quick, tasty instant bowl of pho from Vifon to satisfy your pho cravings. Who knew rice noodles could be made into a small pack of instant noodles!

Vifon Instant Pho Chicken is available at most Asian supermarkets


Luo Ba Wang Sichuan Spicy Instant Rice Noodle

Last but not least, the spicy instant rice noodles from China brings a whole new level to the table. With packets of ingredients that are either vacuum packed or pickled – not powdered. All you need to do is follow the cooking instructions to get a huge bowl of spicy deliciousness right at your fingertips.

Luo Ba Wang Sichuan Spicy Instant Rice Noodle is available at most Asian supermarkets