Level Up Your Travel Bucket List

If you’ve ever considered a walking tour, and have a dream to travel to Japan, then we’ve got some news for you!

Walk Japan has just launched a new immersive walking tour. The Shikoku: Kochi & Ehime Discovery is a seven-day, fully-guided tour that explores the bucolic Kochi and Ehime Prefectures of Western Shikoku.

The remote region is known for exuding elegance and tranquility, with pristine streams and rivers, forested mountains, and lush valleys, making this tour one to add to your travel bucket list.

Shikoku has been considered a sacred island for over a thousand years and is known for its 1,200-kilometre 88-temple Ohenro pilgrimage. The Shikoku: Kochi & Ehime Discovery includes the theme of pilgrimage with visits to the exquisite Chikurin-ji, the 31st Ohenro temple, and a little-known 12-kilometre mini-pilgrimage set in a rustic valley.

The tour explores old mountain routes including one that was once vital in transporting sea salt, a precious commodity, to remote communities, and another, the Dappan-no-Michi, that follows in the daring footsteps of Japanese hero Sakamoto Ryoma.

Other highlights include Yusuhara, a gorgeous mountain town, where a cluster of buildings designed by world-acclaimed architect Kuma Kengo can be found; Ozu, a charming, castle town featuring the Garyu Sanso, a Japanese masterpiece of garden, villa, and teahouse; and local culinary delicacies such as katsu seared bonito fish and myriad varieties of citrus fruit.

The Shikoku: Kochi & Ehime Discovery is a seven-day, six-night, fully-guided walking tour for up to 12 participants commencing in Kochi City and concluding in Matsuyama’s Dogo Onsen.

Daily walking ranges from nine to 13 kilometres along mountain trails and quiet country lanes. A Level 4 tour, it is suitable for anyone who leads a reasonably active lifestyle.