Cosmic Gift Guide | Pisces 2023

From 19 February to 20 March, we have officially stepped into Pisces’ birthday month.

Pisces, symbolised by the fish, is the artsy one in the group. They are a sentimental bunch who is romantic, imaginative, and attentive to detail. So when it comes to choosing the right gift for a Pisces, you are looking for something thoughtful and something that’ll remind them of you.

The team at FENNEC can’t wait to share what we have in mind for the Pisces this year.

Polly Pink Resin MoodMist Diffuser

Pisces will surely be captivated by the Pink Resin MoodMist Diffuser from dusk. The romantic swirling marble effect shows off beautiful pink hues. If you want to make your Pisces feel even more unique, pair the diffuser with their favourite scent!

Hiding Art Print

We are falling in love with this art print by Chloe Ruby, and we are sure your Pisces will feel the same way too! Based in Auckland, Chloe Ruby creates beautiful prints like these, inspired by the boundless possibilities that nature and humanity provide, an appreciation for beauty and the imaginative world that lives inside her head.

Miller Road Perfume Workshop

Nothing is more special than making your own bespoke scent. The Perfume Workshop at Millar Road offers 60 beautiful fragrance notes. The workshops run for 2 1/2 hours, where you’ll learn how to make a balanced perfume and construct your composition using their easy-to-follow system.

Avocado & Toast Oodie Weighted Blanket

Make the Pisces feel extra comfortable sleeping with Oodie’s weighted blanket. It uses deep pressure stimulation therapy’s relaxing principles- feeling like a big hug!

Heart Leaf Philodendron

Show your love for the Pisces in your life with the heart-shaped philodendron from The Plant Base. They are super adorable and perfect for trailing or climbing.