Cosmic Gift Guide | Aquarius 2023

Fennec Cosmic Gift Guide is here to help untangle and solve your gifting problems. Let us make sure you are giving the best presents based on zodiac signs.

This month we are diving into the water for Aquarius season (between January 20 to February 18). The beloved Aquarius is known for their creativity, thirst for knowledge and love for freedom.

Getting something perfect for an Aquarius requires thinking outside the box. Ordinary items on the market will probably get you a fake “I love it!” response. Lucky for you, we’ve done all the research for Aquarius gifts that are to die for!

Archer and Olive Dotted Journal | Snooze

Help unleash their creativity with Archer and Olive Dotted Journal. Using 160gsm paper, the Aquariuses can use a mix of mediums to drop down their thoughts and ideas. There is also a large pocket in the back cover for all those loose thingamabobs.

Flox Picnic Bag

The Aquariuses will love this limited edition Flox Picnic Bag that features an insulated lining to keep their kai fresh – warm or cold. It also features a vegan leather handle and an adjustable strap with gold detailing.

Saguaro Cactus Long Glasses

The Cactus Long Glasses are a brilliant gift for any Aquariuses that love to host or entertain. They are fun, quirky and stable! The dyed green glass ensures that the colour won’t fade and will stay vibrant forever. Each glass has a satisfying weight making them difficult to knock over.

Evie Earrings

This timeless piece from Lucid + Luna is a definite must-have! The earring features three dreamy faceted lavender quartz ovals set on 14k rose gold vermeil. They also come in yellow gold and sterling silver.