Cosmic Gift Guide | Capricorn 2022

Born between December 22 to January 19, we welcome the Capricorn babies!

Capricorns are known to be extremely hard-working and independent. They want to be on top of the ladder and are willing to do anything to get there.

They will appreciate practical gifts; something they can use on a daily basis is even better!

We’ve curated a list of goodies and must-haves that will surely please the Capricorns in your life!

Sunbeam Iced Coffee Machine

Perfect for summer, the Sunbeam Iced Coffee Machine brews hot ground coffee directly over ice to ensure the freshest flavour. Using just the right amount of coffee, water and ice, the iced coffee still tastes great even as the ice melts! It is undoubtedly the latest trend in specialty coffee and the coolest kid on the block.

Chilly’s Insulated Water Bottle

Stylish yet functional, Chilly’s Insulated Water Bottle is a revolutionary reusable bottle using advanced double-wall vacuum technology. It is leakproof, BPA Free, preserve the flavour and freshness of its contents and leaves no condensation. The bottle can keep Capricorns’ water ice-cold for up to 24 hours and hot liquids warm for 12 hours.

Ice breaker Merino Queens Tank Bodysuit

A versatile bodysuit that can be worn alone as a top or layered under a shirt, the Queens Tank Bodysuit features 100% merino wool for soft, breathable comfort.

The merino material regulates body temperature in all weather conditions and resists odours.

Yu Mei Phoebe Bucket

This beautiful Phoebe Bucket in Alfalfa Deer Nappa is intelligent, refined and fun. Designed to fit Capricorns’ daily essentials, the bag has a sleek covered button closure, detachable zipped inner section, and circular base finish this perfectly balanced style.

Chuan Spa Experience

Lastly, treat your Capricorn to something extra special with a spa package at Chuan Spa. Help them relieve stress and pain with various spa treatments, massages, facials, saunas and much more.

Inspired by the five elements and Traditional Chinese Medicine, Chuan Spa is a sanctuary where your mind, body and soul connect.