Sunbeam’s Effortless Gift Guide

Sunbeam has a range of products perfect for the modern household with style and design that suit a range of people, but all designed to bring joy and ease of living.  Available from stockists nationwide.

Below are just some of the hot picks for under the tree this Christmas.

For those who like a refreshing pick me up..

The latest trend in specialty coffee and the coolest kid on the block, is the Sunbeam Iced Coffee Machine. Perfect for summer, this clever compact machine brews hot ground coffee directly over ice to ensure the freshest flavour. By using just the right amount of coffee, water and ice, the iced coffee still tastes great even as the ice melts……… Iced coffee, brewed to perfection.

RRP $129.99 

For those who like a barista quality cup

Sunbeam Compact Barista Espresso Machine. This small and sleek machine creates delicious café style coffee with velvety microfoam milk. Compactly engineered to deliver precision and power, preset volumetric control pours just the right amount of coffee every time. The powerful steam wand creates silky milk for effortless latte art for latte, cappuccino and more.  Perfect for those apartment dwellers who are squeezed on space, but not- negotiable when it comes to quality coffee!

RRP $499.99

For those who like a breath of fresh air

Compact and lightweight, the Sunbeam On-The-Go Fresh Air Purifier combines portability and protection with its 3-stage filtration system plus UV light technology. It’s small enough to fit in your bag while packing enough power to purify your personal air. Bring it along on your travels, use it while exercising, or place it on your workplace desk – breathe clean air wherever you go!

RRP $179.99

For those who like to bake

Get flawless melts and mix creamier batters all in one bowl using the Sunbeam Mixmaster® HeatSoft™ Planetary Mixer.  HeatSoft™ technology is the new way to mix and melt in one bowl. Using gentle heat while mixing, bring fridge cold butter to room temperature faster and melt or temper chocolate to perfection every time. Remove the guesswork and extra prep time that comes with using a stove or a microwave. Bake delicious mouth-watering creations quicker!

RRP $699.99

For those who like to waffle

Sunbeam Black Classics Vertical Waffle Maker. Create perfectly crisp Belgian waffles without the mess with this stylish compact benchtop waffle maker. The vertical design creates perfect browning and is easy to clean with no overflow.

RRP $249.99

For those who HAVE a pain in the neck

Sunbeam Neck & Shoulders Heat Pad. Gently melt away muscle tension with a Sunbeam heating pad specially contoured to wrap around the back of your head, shoulders and neck. With the easy-to-use controller, choose your ideal heat intensity from 5 settings and get fast heat-up with consistent temperature. Whether you’re working on your laptop or relaxing in the lounge, enjoy the comfort of soft velvety fabric and the benefits of soothing warmth.

RRP $149.99

For those who like a breakfast of champions

Tradition, ceremony, culture and history meet modern, minimalistic simplicity in The Sunbeam Kyoto Breakfast Collection, the latest in Sunbeam’s city-inspired range.  Japan’s cultural capital Kyoto is a place rich in beauty, heritage and tradition. It’s also at the forefront of ingenuity and design. Like its namesake, this beautiful collection is the perfect synergy of history and technology, form and function.

Available in a various colours. RRP Kettle $229.99/Toaster $279.99