Living Green-er

Environmentally conscious consumers can celebrate as Living Green has released a new line of cleaning products which is New Zealand’s most eco-friendly range ever.

The collection has received a certification from the United States Natural Product Association, which is one of the world’s most esteemed natural product certifications. The products range from use in the kitchen, laundry or bathroom and come in three delicious fragrances: eucalyptus, mint and lavender.

Living Green is proud to present a range that is both environmentally friendly and safe for consumers. The products are gentle on the skin and contain no added dyes or synthetic chemicals, they could even be consumed without any after-effects. In addition to consumer safety, Living Green’s new collection comes in recyclable containers, was not tested on any animals and is GE free.

Living Green’s New Zealand’s Most Natural collection includes dishwashing liquid, toilet cleaners and multipurpose cleaners and the entire range is available exclusively at Countdown Supermarkets.