Macrame Meets Baby Nursery Decor

Fiona Qu, the founder of The Maker Sun, is passionate about handmade products. Sun is Qu newborn’s middle name. The Maker Sun creates gorgeous nursery decor and bespoke designs for mothers and babies. It began in the beginning of 2020 and was ultimately inspired by Qu’s newborn son, baby Jackson.

With a new addition to the family, creating The Maker Sun was a way to celebrate and record her journey as a first-time mother. Qu wanted to be able to provide for her family while still being a stay at home mother. Being a very hands-on person, creating these products for her brand started as a hobby that turned into a project she could take on to provide personalised products that are unique for the special ones in your lives.

One of Qu’s favourite products she has made is the macrame wall hanging with a custom laser-cut name center. This came from the initial idea of a dreamcatcher. Qu wanted to create a dreamcatcher-inspired decor piece as it symbolises a protective talisman that is used to protect people from nightmares and bad dreams. With various colour combos, you can choose one that suits your baby’s nursery or one with their favourite colours.

The nature of personalisation is incredibly important to Qu. Thus, the future of the brand will always have this aspect in it. However, Qu hopes to explore products that highlight functionality as well as personalisation.

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