MAFS S10 EP23 | “I Wish You Hadn’t Said That.”

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Episode Twenty-Three: Harrison’s Pants On Fire

The second episode dedicated to the retreat topped all expectations, the lies finally catching up to Harrison. 

Melinda and Evelyn were up to no good after a few glasses of bubbles. The pair decided to sneak their way to where the men were having ‘boys’ night, with the intention of eavesdropping. By some serendipity, the women arrived just as Harrison shared his opinion on Melinda and Layton’s relationship to all of the grooms (something he seems to have quite a taken to), addressing Layton specifically. 

In true Harrison style, he projected probably in hopes that if he pointed fingers, no one would be able to detect the suspicious stink of his relationship with Bronte. 

“You’re relationship is toxic. You don’t seem happy,” said Harrison. 

Harrison kept on for some reason, elaborating that from where he was sitting, he didn’t believe what the couple were ‘portraying’ and made several self-important comments, prefacing he meant no offence each time. 

Melinda and Evelyn are shocked by Harrison’s words, and by another ironic twist, the two stumbled back to the ‘girls’ night set up before hearing Layton speak. 

“I take offence to that,” shared Layton, “Mel and I have been very honest about the ups and downs of our relationship.” 

Layton went on further and said he genuinely believed he had found his person. He defended his relationship and rebuked Harrison’s words in a way that had this viewer smiling. 

Upon Melinda and Evelyn’s return to the other brides, Melinda immediately revealed what Harrison said and asked Bronte if she shared her partner’s opinions. The confrontation drove Bronte to leave the table as all the other women reeled at Harrison’s attack on Melinda’s relationship. 

However, the drama doesn’t end there. Bronte and Lyndall found Harrison and detailed Melinda and Evelyn’s snooping. 

“That’s despicable behaviour. I won’t let them get away with it,” stated Harrison. Sigh. 

Harrison took the first opportunity to meddle, telling Layton what Melinda had done, intending to cause a rift between the couple, which he successfully did. 

Melinda and Layton fought about her prank gone wrong, leading Melinda to tears the following morning as Layton left her in bed alone. Harrison decided to fuel the fire by directly misinforming Bronte about what Layton had said regarding his relationship with Melinda. 

“He said he wasn’t happy.” 

Misinforming is putting it lightly. Harrison fabricated a lie, further claiming that Layton had admitted his relationship was toxic. 

Melinda went to Bronte to discuss Harrison and again stated that she was not the only wife that felt Bronte was being emotionally manipulated. However, based on the lies told by Harrison, Bronte thought Melinda’s words were rich. 

Behind closed doors, I know your relationship is not good. Check-in with Layton because he said you’re not headed in a good direction,

“Behind closed doors, I know your relationship is not good. Check-in with Layton because he said you’re not headed in a good direction,” gloated Bronte. 

Luckily, Melinda detected Harrison’s manipulation after confirming with Layton what he had actually said (which was quite the opposite). While Layton initially disagreed with Melinda’s desire to confront Harrison on his lies, he quickly changed his tune, realising how important it was to Melinda that he had her back. 

As the couples came together for the evening, Melinda and Layton were unified when approaching Bronte and Harrison to get the truth. Harrison, cornered and unable to escape his web of lies, suddenly had amnesia and had no recollection of what he said to Bronte, yet somehow managed to make Bronte responsible for his lies as Melinda relayed what Bronte told her. 

“I wish you hadn’t said that,” whispered Harrison to his wife. 

In a moment almost too painful to watch, Bronte apologised to Harrison for her misunderstanding. The discussion became even more heated as Melinda voiced her anger at Harrison.

“I’m calling it how it is, Harrison. You’re a manipulator,” exclaimed Melinda. 

The camera panned over to every other couple who were watching the spectacle, each silently agreeing with Melinda. Then came the most awkward part of the evening when Melinda told Bronte that no one felt her relationship with Harrison was genuine. 

Bronte retorted that Melinda was the only one who thought that, but when she turned to ask the group who thought her relationship wasn’t authentic, she received a deafening silence. 

Harrison picked out Alyssa to answer, who began by saying there had been conversations about their relationship. Unsatisfied with Alyssa’s answer, he asked Claire, who confirmed it. 

Overwhelmed by the resounding opinion of the group, Bronte removed herself from the setting. 

The dinner party surely will be an even greater drama.