Make Your Day Butter With Bread & Butter’s Hot Cross Buns

Bread & Butter’s award-winning hot cross buns will have you hopping to their online store, or Grey Lynn location, for more.

Using only simple ingredients like flour, sugar, butter, egg, fruit that are mostly of organic or certified sustainable origin, Bread & Butter’s hot cross buns are packed full of subtle flavours and gentle on the stomach.

These delightful hot cross buns are also made using a long fermentation time of 12 hours. This allows the talented bakers to use only a small amount of yeast in the dough, producing a deliciously moist texture and easier digestability.

For the most luxurious and mouth-watering experience, the hot cross buns are best enjoyed lightly toasted with Bread & Butter’s house churned butter. Alternatively, if you want to wait and savour them on Easter, they can be popped in the freezer with no problems.

Bread & Butter’s popular hot cross buns are available until April 9, Easter Sunday. Every year, its bakers typically bake between 25,000 to 30,000 hot cross buns.

To get your hands on these scrumptious baked treats, visit their Grey Lynn store, Farmers Markets in Grey Lynn and Parnell, or their online store.