MECCA Welcomes Maison Crivelli

There’s a new addition making its way into the fragrance scene. Maison Crivelli are making their way to our shores.

MECCA is exclusively launching the fragrance brand online and in selected stores.

Maison Crevelli provides authentic Haute Parfumerie that is equal parts luxurious and eco-friendly. Packaging is made from weighty glass bottles, wrapped in 100 percent cardboard boxes without any plastic. 

The raw natural ingredients used in each fragrance come from carefully selected plantations and are harvested in line with sustainable development policies.

Created with the object to surprise with scent never smelt before, Maison Crivelli embraces the notion that beauty lies in the unexpected. Founded by Thibaud Crivelli, the collection takes inspiration from his lived experiences. 

The new collection combines scents with colours, sounds and textures to make each perfume an ultra-contrasting and mind blowing experience.

Crivelli’s journey with perfume has been sensorial and surprising. As a child, he had a desire to explore and chase adventures which led to an affinity for nature and all its wonders. Crivelli spent ten years in various Asian countries where he discovered a new multi-sensory approach to nature. It was here he found plantations of raw materials used in perfumery that stirred his senses. 

Crivelli has experienced perfume at every level. From smelling scorched sandalwood on the slopes of an erupting volcano to drinking absinth below the northern lights, these experiences have shaped his approach to his craft.

Sharon Neale, MECCA’s Head of Category for Fragrance, Hair and Body, believes Maison Crivelli compliments the current fragrance offer delightfully.

“Maison Crivelli will provide our customers with new avenues to explore on their fragrance journey,” said Neale. “Maison Crivelli’s unique inspirations add another level of storytelling to this immersive journey.”