Healthy Hair Starts at Home

Healthy hair starts with good hair care, however, good hair care shouldn’t be hurting the environment.

Lady Jayne recognises the importance of hair care and has created a new range of Eco Brushes to support hair health without harming the earth. The complete range is crafted from naturally sourced, biodegradable materials.

The range of brushes are engineered to promote scalp health while boosting circulation for faster hair growth. 

The Lady Jayne Eco Brushes Restorative Scalp Brush is designed to break away oil build-up and dandruff. The unique design means the brush will massage and cleanse. The firm gentle silicone teeth knead the scalp’s pressure points to relax muscles, and the cone point design deeply treats the hair roots. The Scalp Brush performs best with shampoo for a deep lather and cleanse.

The Lady Jayne Eco Brushes Paddle Brush gently stimulates and detangles. The wooden, round-end pins aim to revitalise the scalp and promote the production of natural oils. The pins are created from naturally sourced Canadian maple wood with a foam cushion to absorb shock. This design protects hair from harsh brushing. The maple wood pins are naturally anti-static and smooth the hair’s cuticle to reduce frizz.

The third brush in the collection, the Lady Jayne Eco Brushes Pad Brush. The Pad Brush features the same foam cushioning and maple wood as the Paddle Brush. However, the Pad Brush is designed to exfoliate and smooth the hair for a gentle finish. The ball-point tips cleanse by dry brushing the scalp and removing dandruff. For ultimate exfoliation, the super-fine metal pins bend to reach hair follicles while reducing the amount of static present. Lady Jayne believes the Pad Brush is the perfect one-person tool for an all-in-one exfoliating hair treatment.