Mezcal for World Earth Day

The Lost Explorer Mezcal arrives on NZ shores tomorrow for World Earth Day

World Earth Day is tomorrow and the annual event hopes to hold all of us accountable for actions that support environmental protection. To celebrate and promote sustainability, The Lost Explorer Mezcal is releasing its range of luxury artisanal mezcal to New Zealand shores.

Originating from the rich biodiverse soils of Mexico’s Oaxaca region, the brand is dedicated to empowering sustainable Mexican enterprise, while protecting the artisanal craft and heritage of the country.

So, if you want a taste of Mexico from the comfort of your own home, this mezcal is for you. It is available in three expressions:

The Lost Explorer Espadin

The Lost Explorer Espadin, made from 8 year old Agave

Made with eight-year-old Agave, this mezcal has a sweet and herbaceous expression, well balanced with hints of sweet apple, ripe fruits and a mild smokey layer to finish.

The Lost Explorer Tobala 

The Lost Explorer Tobala made from 10 year old Agave

Made with ten-year-old Agave, this mezcal has an earthy expression, with hints of tobacco, cocoa, vanilla and leather, offering a unique balance between wood aromas and umami flavours.

The Lost Explorer Salmiana

The Lost Explorer Salmiana made from 12 year old Agave

Made with twelve-year-old Agave, this mezcal has the most herbaceous expression of all, offering a sweet and spicy profile with hints of green chili, grapefruit and fresh agave.

The Lost Explorer Mezcal was co-founded by adventurer and environmentalist David de Rothschild and entrepreneur Thor Björgólfsson in 2020.  It is made in Oaxaca, Mexico at the family home of Maestro Fortino Ramos – An award-winning agave spirit maker. Production processes are completely sustainable and The Lost Explorer Mezcal is proudly the most award-winning mezcal in the world.