Model Talks: Natarsha Orsman

Even though she has only been a model for three years, she has rapidly jumped to the top with her unique look and style. Orsman grew up with a passion for dancing and acting. The child performer even made an appearance in World Of Wearable Art, where a make up artist advised her to get into modeling. Soon after, at the young age of 14, Orsman sent her photos into a modeling agency. Now 18 and signed to one of the best agencies in the world IMG Worldwide, she plans to head to Sydney for Resort Fashion Week and then straight to New York. For her first time visiting and working in New York, Orsman’s goal is to be the best she can be and stay financially afloat.

In the three short years Orsman has been in the modeling industry, she has manged to be featured in a number of magazines and editorials all over the world including; Russh, Metal, Magazine Magazine Paris, Cleo, Capital, Black and even E’s hit TV show Fashion Bloggers.
Although she has only traveled to Sydney and Paris for modeling so far, she feels the industries overseas are a lot bigger than one might think. “I feel like the New Zealand industry is not evolving whereas Sydney and Paris are constantly changing and growing. It’s hard to explain the differences in each industry, it’s different for different people and your experience overseas is going to depend on your attitude,” said Orsman.

The opportunity to do something totally different every day and work with different people from all over the globe is Orsman’s favourite part of the job. Even though she is a very organised person, she struggles with how last minute everything is. “I don’t get my schedule until the night before and one day they’ll be like ‘Oh by the way you’re flying here tomorrow morning,’ and that’s the hardest thing for me,” explains Orsman. Her biggest achievement so far is her editorial in Paris for Metal magazine (see image below), but dreams of working with Prada, Alexander McQueen or any of the big fashion houses.metalmag