Thinking up school lunches every day is tough but you will never run out of ideas with Munch Lunchbox. Anna and Michelle are the people behind Munch Cupboard and their website is the number one NZ site for parents to find ideas and information on food for kids and babies.

It’s all about easy, healthy, cost-effective lunch ideas for pre-schoolers to teenagers (though many recipes would be great for Mum and Dad to take to work too).

Symbols quickly give key recipe information – gluten-free, no cook, whether it contains dairy, nuts, eggs, or if it freezes well. There is a focus on natural ingredients and litter-less lunches, a key message now of many pre-schools and schools. And there is also tips on how to have school lunches looking and tasting good after knocking about in a school bag for hours.

From their international award-winning Munch Seasonal Cookbook for Baby and Family, comes a fantastic book for everyone who has had to come up with school lunch ideas day after day after day…..

Munch Cupboard’s Anna Bordignon and Michelle Kitney have been there, done that, with their six children, and their fantastic website has been an inspiration to Kiwi parents for over five years, with recipe ideas and great lunchbox products. The daily question of finding healthy quick lunches that arrive at school and last until lunchtime looking and tasting great prompted them to write this book.