New Permanent Lip Colouring Service Available in New Zealand

OFF & ON reveal new lip blush service as part of their semi-permanent makeup offering. The company, which is looked at as one of New Zealand’s leading beauty experts, is taking cosmetic tattooing to a new level, as they are emphasising a focus on subtle, natural-looking results.

Beginning with their microblading service, an advanced technique that creates life-like hair strokes to blend seamlessly with existing eyebrow hair, OFF & ON then introduced a service to combine microblading and powder.

Starting in 2008, OFF & ON have become premium services of cosmetic and beauty therapy. Such areas of their expertise include waxing, laser hair removal, and semi-permanent makeup and injectables. Off & On are the largest providers of eyebrow services in New Zealand and are located nationwide.

This new service, named Lip Blush, is aimed at being the solution for those looking to enhance their natural lip colour. The service is also promising to create a more symmetrical and balanced look. OFF & ON national trainer, Hannah Pickering stated that this is a major step for the company in regard to the services they offer.

“Our clients have been asking for a natural-looking lip enhancement solution and Lip Blush delivers just that. The results are gorgeous and are tailored to enhance the symmetry and balance of your natural lips, eventually fading to create a beautiful sheer colour that allows you to see your natural lips below.”

The service includes a compulsory consultation, where the customer is taken through a step-by-step analysis of the procedure. The first appointment is approximately two and a half hours, and the second appointment is six to eight weeks after.

Available now at OFF & ON’s Auckland stores, including Newmarket, Britomart, and Takapuna.