Dusk Unveil New Range of Candles and Fragrances

With International Women’s Day fast approaching on the 8th of March, Dusk candles are commemorating the day with a specially designed range of candles.

With themes of empowerment and self-love, the collection follows the inward concept and message of “she is her own muse.”

The new range includes special packaging including warm colours, feminine silhouettes, and positive affirmations to serve as a reminder of the infinite potentially embraced by international women’s day.

The collection includes scents inspired by love, adoration, nurture, and inspiration, and has reframed the notion of the muse to more than a source of external stimuli.

Dusk was founded on the basis of passion and expertise, which has become a prime label in candles and home fragrances. 

Dusk candles have stated that this new limited edition range has been carefully crafted to evoke a sense of feminine strength and resilience. 

In creating this collection, Dusk hopes to encourage and highlight the importance of introspection, self-love, and adoration in daily practice and celebrate a muse for the modern age.”

The range is available exclusively in New Zealand and Australia and has been created with home fragrance technologies delivering an enchanting addition to a mood, a moment, or special memory.