Karen’s Diner on Tour Coming to New Zealand

girls at diner

Many people have seen the internet sensation of Karen’s Diner pop up on their social media, where customers are faced with the rudest servers out, but now the diner is going on tour, and Christchurch is on the list. Taking its infamous sassy attitude across Australia, Scotland, the UK, the USA, and Canada, Christchurch will receive a visit in March 2023.


Ready to insult every person willing to visit, Christchurch’s pop-up Karen’s Diner will be no exception to the ruthless service provided by staff. Home of great burgers and rude service, Karen’s Diner leaves customers with an experience to remember. The servers are not there to take any nonsense from customers and do not ask to speak to the manager.


“Hilarious immersive dining experience!! Top drawer fun served with a tasty menu side and extra fiesty toppings. If you want hangry sass, Karen’s is the go!” said Sam K, Karen’s Diner customer.

For the whole Karen experience with games and food, tickets cost 66 dollars per person. Options are available for vegetarians, vegans, and any other dietary requirements, but don’t expect Karen to be happy about it.

Opening in Lincoln HQ on Eastfield Drive, visitors be prepared for full Karen sass, and be sure to let them know if your name is Karen…

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