Karen Walker has been star-gazing design inspiration!  Karen Walker Zodiac hits stores today, with celestial inspired jewellery for every star sign.  The collection is made up of twelve pendant necklaces, available in sterling silver, yellow gold and rose gold, from Karen Walker stores, jewellery specialists and boutiques.

Read on for Karen Walker’s predictions of what the planets have in store for you…



Hey, way to go, Taurus! Your health food-consciousness is about to finally pay off… or shed off. With Jupiter in the 6th house, prepare to lose some lbs and gain some fantastic health and fitness habits!


Are you exhausted, Gemini? ‘Cause you’ve been running through Jupiter’s mind ALL day. Your love life is about to blossom with that certain ~someone~ so settle in and enjoy the ride.


That apartment or home of your dreams is about to be filled with people and pictures of family and friends you don’t recognize if you don’t hop on the opportunity to make it your own! Now is your time, Cancer, to buy a home and maybe even a furry friend to make it complete.


All that chitchat is going to bring about new ways for your voice to be heard. Whether it’s a talk show or even a blog, your communication skills are going to shine like the Chrysler Building, Annie… I mean, Leo.


This is no time to be your modest, humble and polite self, Virgo. This is your year to claim what is rightfully yours and that’s your cash money – you’ve earned it!


You must be mentally drained. Libra, you’ve faced some serious obstacles this past year so grab a seat on the bench because you deserve a water break. You are the celestial favorite this time around, which means you’ll be scoring points in all aspects of your life.


Ah, peace and quiet. Just how you like it, Scorpio. The ruling planet, Pluto tells you to laser-focus in on those projects and hobbies you’ve had your eye on!


Jupiter’s in the house (the 11th to be exact), which means those dreams you’ve been having are going to come true. If there’s a goal you have set for yourself, you are one step closer to achieving it. Go, you!


Times are going to get a little tough, but hang in there, Capricorn because Jupiter has a few things in mind. Work is going to be chaotic and seem unbearable at times, but you will endure and end up on top. Even your boss is going to take notice and give you more leadership (and, of course, more money and who doesn’t love that?).


Piña Colada, Aquarius? Jupiter is feeling rather generous this time around, and is going to help you take that vacation you’ve been thinking about. Hawaii is always a great option!


Have no fear! After all of the financial fiascos you’ve faced (ooh, alliteration), things are starting to turn around *insert relieved emoji here*. Look out for that bonus!


Stage right: Jupiter enters Libra

Jupiter and Libra: Why the long face, Aries?

Aries: My love life isn’t what it used to be.

Jupiter and Libra: Perk up because your bumble account is about to be lit!

Aries: Bring it on ladies and gentlemen 😉